Sprint Galaxy S II Photos and Specs Leaked Hours Before Announcement

Whoops! With just a few hours to go before Samsung finally announces the details surrounding the U.S. launch of the Galaxy S II , things are starting to get leaky.

At least three variants are expected to be debuted tonight: one each for T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint. Thanks to the last-minute leak of a Sprint training manual, though, the details for that last variant — now known to be the absurdly named Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch — have debuted a bit early. We’ve got specs! We’ve got photos! What more could you want?

The Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (SGSIIE4T. Catchy.) Specs:

  • Android 2.3
  • 4.52″ Super AMOLED Plus display
  • 1.2 Ghz dual-core CPU (Samsung Exynos)
  • WiMax 4G
  • 8 Megapixel rear camera
  • 2 Megapixel front camera
  • Preloaded apps: Nova 2 HD, Swype, Polaris Office
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Sprint ID
  • WiFi Hotspot for up to 8 device

Pro tip: with the holidays coming up, be aware that saying you’re going to give someone an “epic touch” for Christmas leaves room for misinterpretation.