Apple May Have A Web-Based Diagnostics Tool In The Works For iStuff

If ever your iPhone or iPad starts acting wonky, chances are you pack it up and head on over to your nearest Genius Bar. It’s a hassle, but it’s a small price to pay for your beloved iStuff. Ease of use is one of Apple’s key standards for a device, and that extends way past a navigable interface.

That said, Hardmac is reporting that Apple has internally announced a new web-based diagnostics tool for iOS devices that can be used remotely. In other words, future problems with your iPhone or iPod just got a lot easier to fix.

It basically works by sending an email with a URL to the device that’s acting weird. When Safari loads up the URL (which can also be typed in to the browser), the phone will begin running tests to check internally for any issues. The results are then transferred back to Apple technicians who can try to fix the problem over the phone. Obviously, if you’re device is too damaged to boot up and get Safari off the ground, this won’t be an option.

The new tool can check the device’s health, battery level, time passed since the last charge, minimum level at which the battery was discharged, which version of iOS you’re running, and whether or not the phone was shut off properly the most recent time.

It’s unclear whether or not the tool tests to see if the device is jailbroken, although it seems a bit silly if it can’t. Jailbreaking your iOS device effectively ends your warranty, which would mean that whatever support Apple is providing to fix your issue isn’t exactly… well, warranted.

Hardmac claims that the new tool will be rolled out in the next coming months.