(Founder Stories) Mike Lazerow On Google+ “I Know No One Who Is Using It”

In Chris Dixon’s previous Founder Stories episode with Buddy Media’s Mike Lazerow, Lazerow told Dixon that Buddy Media was “Facebook plus,” meaning Buddy Media helps brands manage consumer interaction and engagement across social media platforms, not just Facebook.

In this episode, Dixon asks Lazerow what brands think of using Twitter as a platform and advertising venue in comparison to Facebook.

Lazerow acknowledges that “Twitter is more of a work in progress.” He recognizes the 140-word character count limits creative content but notes that Twitter has potential. “When you look at what you can do with photos and what you can do with… the ecosystem … whether it is Twitter-Tumblr integration, Twitter-Facebook integration, you can all of a sudden … put together a scalable presence globally.”

Both agree that Tumblr is also a promising platform for brands, but the jury is still out on its effectiveness.  The conversation concludes with Google+. Lazerow is not impressed.  He says that outside of a handful of people, “I know no one who is using it.”

Below, Lazerow tells Dixon “I love Google for what Google does really well,” which includes search and Gmail. This being said, Lazerow doesn’t think Google+ or any similar networking site will displace Facebook which he says “connects you to people in a way that is important to you as a human being, that’s hard to engineer.” So hard to engineer in fact that Lazerow considers Facebook to be “safe forever.”

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