HTC: The Thunderbolt And Droid Incredible Will Be Updated to Gingerbread In September

Good news, HTC Thunderbolt/Droid Incredible owners! You’re gettin’ some Gingerbread!

It’s a bit late in the game (Gingerbread has been around for nearly 10 months, after all) but HTC has just announced that both the Incredible and the Thunderbolt should be updated to Android 2.3 sometime in September. As usual, there’s no mention of a specific date — but hey, at least it’s officially on the way!

It’s beyond disconcerting to think about just how long it’s taking for some devices to get Gingerbread, especially with Google having made very little mention of their Android Update Initiative since announcing it back in May. For those keeping count: as of August 1st, less than 1/4 of the Android phones floating around out there were running Android 2.3+.