Give Your Lady The Gift Of Glowing Power With The iNecklace

It’s iconic. That soft, pulsating light emanating from the button that controls life and death. Press it when it’s glowing and creativity flows. Turn it off and a little bit of your inner child dies. The iNecklace allows the wearer to capture that sense of control and wear it around the neck as a status of power. There’s nothing else like it. (this is where you, the commenter will jump to the comments and link to something identical)

The iNecklace is made by Adafruit and is available in the states through Gizmine. The pendent is CNC machined from aluminum and features a screw-type back plate. Inside is a pulsating LED powered by a replaceable battery. Just like the power button it’s clearly designed to replicate, the LED seems to breath as it hangs on its 18-inch sterling silver chain, creating a rather unique piece of jewelry and one that will certainly attract the geeks.

Gizmine just started taking pre-orders with shipping expected to start on September 8th.