TechCrunched: News In Under 2:00

Erick Schonfeld is back with another episode of TechCrunched. Here are some of the news highlights this week.

Apparently HP’s $100 TouchPad liquidation “success” has sparked the company to release more tablets. Price point and release date to be determined. Phones running Apple and Android based software are cleaning up with consumers. The double-A duo doesn’t have a totally monopoly on the smartphone market but their numbers are heading in that direction. MG takes a look at Windows 8 and wonders if Microsoft’s to-be-released software will resonate with consumers. LinkedIn crunches the numbers and finds thirtysomething founders are launching companies at a healthy clip. And finally, for DropBox the sky is the limit. It seems the company is closing a round at a $4 billon dollar valuation.

Make sure to check out the links for additional details on all these stories.