Netrobe Is A Virtual Closet For Your iPhone

One glance at my closet after coming back from vacation this morning and I realized that I owned A LOT of clothes, many of which I had forgotten about while purchasing presumably complimentary accessories like shoes and bracelets on my travels. If only there was a way to access my entire wardrobe via iPhone …

Inspired by the now infamous virtual closet in Clueless, Netrobe, an iPhone app out of Athens, Greece, attempts exactly this, helping you remember the individual items from your wardrobe by giving you a tool to catalog them. Netrobe allows iPhone users to mix and match individual items of clothing or accessories on a Styleboard, create outfits for events, pack entire suitcases or add inspirational images to a Lookbook.

“You always forget what you own and you keep buying the same thing over and over again,” says founder Christina Plakopita, “[With Netrobe] women can utilize their wardrobes … Now you can log in to your closet any time or any where.”

While the app already comes with some preloaded items from Shopstyle and Empora, you can add your own personal items of clothing to Netrobe by selecting the hanger icon in the middle of the app and clicking on the Add An Item button (the plus sign).

Plakopita tells me that what makes Netrobe different from similar apps like Stylebook, TouchCloset is the fidelity of its image background removal tool, which she describes as “Photoshop level,” its streamlined design and its Suitcase feature which allows users to virtually pack for trips.

Plakopita tells me that she plans to make Netrobe more social and interactive in the future as well as develop a web component which will include the same, but further fleshed out, features as the app — eventually allowing you to share your closet with friends or ask for opinions about what to wear.

In addition to its $1.99 cost in the app store, the bootstrapped company intends to monetize through affiliate fees from suggested clothing items. Plakopita estimates that the web component should be ready in about a month’s time and that an Netrobe Android app should be available in about two to three months.