Beats Wireless Headphones Unveiled By The FCC

Monster Beats by Dr. Dre has a new set of cans on the horizon. Per a FCC filing the headphones are appropriately named Beats Wireless and feature the brand’s trademark unibody construction. Bluetooth is tapped for wireless connectivity but the rest of the headset is pretty much a standard affair. The right can features playback controls along with a mic, making these perfect for your Beats-equipped HTC headset.

These upcoming headphones will be the first model after HTC recently spent $300m for a 51% stake in the company. Thanks to Bluetooth the headset will of course work with nearly any cell phone or media player, not just HTC’s kits. But it remains to be heard of the wireless link will provide the same sort of deep, rich sound normally associated with Beats headphones.

Pricing and release info isn’t available just yet since the info here came from the FCC database. Chances are though, they’re going to be stupid expensive and launch sometime before the holiday spending madness starts.