Zuck’s New Favorite Song Lyric: “Had A Dream I Was King. I Woke Up, Still King.”

Days after headlining Vanity Fair’s “New Establishment” list for the second year in a row, Facebook CEO and TIME Person of the Year Mark Zuckerberg has updated his Facebook status with the following somewhat Machiavellian Eminem song lyric, “Had a dream I was king. I woke up, still king” to which he adds the commentary “Favorite lyric in awhile.”

Okay okay, so Zuckerberg probably doesn’t mean the update in the obvious, personal, way … But still the association is interesting, as at this point there’s little contesting as to whether the Facebook founder is the king of social networking and maybe even the Internet.

While we already know from his public Spotify profile that Zuck <3s Green Day and Lady Gaga, the song referenced here is bolder (and more curse word-filled) fare, a collaboration between Eminem, Bruno Mars and Royce da 5’9″ off the EP Hell: The Sequel.

Eminem’s entire verse is a spurious message to haters, the rapper’s bravado coming through in statements like “This rap game’s… mine for the milking” and at the verse’s end, “‘So let them… raise cause I came with 5’9” but I feel like i’m 6’8.'”

Fun fact: According to the Internet,  Zuckerberg himself is also around 5’9.” “Lighters” lyrics and music video below.

Lighters feat. Bruno Mars lyrics:

[Chorus – Bruno Mars:]
This one’s for you and me living out our dreams
We are right where we should be
With my arms out wide
I open my eyes
And now all I wanna see is a sky full of lighters
A sky full of lighters

[Verse 1 – Eminem:]
By the time you hear this, I will have already spiralled up.
I would never do nothing to let you cowards fuck my world up.
If I was you, I would duck or get struck like lightning.
Fighters, keep fighting, put your lighters up- point ‘em skyward uh
Had a dream I was king, I woke up, still king.
This rap game’s… mine for the milking (Martin Luther King)
Till’ nobody else even fucking feels me till’ it kills me.
I swear to god I’ll be the fucking illest in this music.
There is or there ever will be, disagree? Feel free.
But from now on, refusing to ever give up. Only thing I ever gave up, is using
No more excuses, excuse me if my head is too big for this building.
And pardon me if I’m a cocky prick, but you cocks are slick.
Popping shit on how you’ve lived your life around crock of shit.
Who you dicks tryna’ kid, flip dick you did opposite.
You stayed the same ‘cause cock backwards is still kcoc you pricks!
I love it when I tell ‘em shove it cause it wasn’t that long ago when Marshall said..’cause he couldn’t cut mustard, muster up nothing brain fuzzy.
‘Cause he’s buzzing woke up from that buzz, and now you wonder why he does it?
How he does it, wasn’t cause he had. Was it circled around his head?
Waiting for him to drop dead, was it?
Or was it cause some bitches wrote him off?
Little hussy ass, fuck it guess it doesn’t matter now does it?
What difference does it make, what’s it take to get it through your thick skulls.
That this, some… people don’t usually come back this way.
From a place that was as dark as I was in just to get to this place-
None of these words be like a switchblade to a hater’s rib cage.
And let it be known that from this day forward I wanna just say thanks,
‘Cause your hate is what gave me the strength.
So let them… raise cause I came with 5’9” but I feel like i’m 6’8”

[Chorus – Bruno Mars:]