Sharethrough Debuts Social Video Ad Analytics Dashboard For Agencies And Advertisers

Social video advertising startup Sharethrough is debuting ‘Sharethrough HQ,’ an analytics dashboard designed specifically for social video campaigns.

Sharethrough’s ad network basically takes video advertisement from brands and helps agencies and marketers distribute these videos through social ad formats. For example, Sharethrough allow you to Tweet a video, Share the content on Facebook, and more from within the ad unit. The startup has run campaigns on publisher sites behalf of a number of high-profile brands, including Sony, Microsoft, General Motors, Victoria’s Secret, Nestle and LEGO.

Sharethrough HQ gives media agencies and brand advertisers the ability to track the performance of their online video content, gain insight into the media generated for their campaigns and make real-time campaign optimization decisions from a single interface.

Marketers can access video viewership metrics such as average view length, Sharethrough rates, social engagement metrics. Sharethrough HQ also includes a real-time social activity feed that aggregates all of the online conversation around each video across multiple social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.

And the startup continues to grow as more brands look to advertise through video. Sharethrough says its average campaign size has nearly tripled year-over-year and overall company revenue has grown by over 100 percent year-over-year. According to comScore, the video advertising platform’s current U.S. reach at 97.5 million viewers.