Keen On… Yossi Vardi: Cow’s-Manure-Over-IP (CMOI)

Along with being one of the world’s leading seed investors in technology start-ups, Israeli entrepreneur Yossi Vardi is also an acknowledged expert in renewable energy. He once ran the Israeli Ministry of Energy and was involved in a number of pioneering projects to develop non-commercial, indigenous and alternative energy resources for oil-poor Israel.

One of these projects involved an attempt to make cow manure the engine of the Israeli energy economy. And at his recent Stream unconference in Athens, Yossi revealed – for the first time ever on camera – the details of how he became the world’s leading authority on cow’s manure and how this World Bank funded green energy project could have powered the Internet.

As always with Yossi, there might be a slight exaggeration here. But beneath all his bullshit, there is clearly a massive opportunity to develop a cows-manure-over-IP (CMOI) protocol for the Internet. Perhaps this could even be a future business model for AOL.