Jobs Biography Sells Out In China As Fans Clamor For Copies

China is serious about Jobs-mania. All 250,000 copies of the book are sold out in the country and folks lined up before bookstores opened just to get copy. Considering publishers already faked the bio, it’s clear that their love of Steve is still strong.

MICGadget has a full photo gallery of the launch including a number of delightful sculptures made entirely of copies of the bio.

How hardcore are these folks? Some choice quotes:

Wang Xiaochuan, CTO of Sohu, a major web portal in China, said:
“I purchased 500 copies of the book for my colleagues, I hope they can learn from it.”

Douma Zouzou, who wrote in response to a passage from the book in which Mr. Jobs rejects the idea that companies should give consumers what they want, instead of what they need, said:
“Reading this, I’m incredibly moved. It’s people who think like this who are the real elites pushing society forward.”

Heady stuff, to be sure. I’ll try to grab some shots of the scrum when I land in Beijing tonight.