Nothing like a Buzzing Bicycle to get you through the traffic

It’s counterintuitive to the electric-obsessed world we live in today. But dammit, it just might work. On my recent trip to Dublin Web Simmit and Founders, I was struck by the amazing entrepreneurship behind Buzzing Bicycles, a Dublin startup created by student of Trinity College Dublin, Colm Moore.

He’s been working with small engines and bicycle engines for the last 10 years and now he’s started selling and installing bicycle engine kits over the last few months and is hoping to expand across Ireland and beyond.

This Limerick-born business student lad and partner Daniel Burke have big plans to motorise bikes and it reminded me of the kind of amazing entrepreneurship you see in China, where people will literally attach an engine to anything with wheels. It’s this kind of attitude that is going to help our economies out of the doldrums, whatever the engine is.

The pair are selling the bicycle engine kits and the motorized bicycles and have been getting a warm reception from the Irish government. With a little more help on the legal requirements (tax/insurance/licence) they should be on to a winner.

The 55cc Motorized (Petrol powered) Bicycles cost EUR 299.00 for the engine or EUR 595.00 for the whole bike and engine.

You can get about 90 miles per gallon and it costs 2.50 euro to fill the tank.

Perhaps they should sell them in Greece?