How to pick up the best deals on the App Store (Friday's download day)

If you’ve ever wondered when to pick up the best deals on the App Store, here are some clues for you. Madvertise and AppZap teamed up and released new research into the UK mobile market, finding out what types of iOS apps are the most popular in the UK and how their prices fluctuate within one week.

In their ongoing collaboration with “bargain guide” AppZap mobile ad network madvertise now published their so-called “Madreport”, examining developments in the day-to-day use of mobile apps. It’s worth reading if you’re an advertiser or app developer looking for an update on the market you’re dealing with, but also bears some useful information for the avid app downloader.

For instance, don’t shop on Thursdays. A 17.90% rise in price for iPad apps and a similar 17.36% increase for iPhone apps is the rule. It’s also the day where most new apps are added to the store.

On Fridays however prices are lowered by a total of 19.58% for the iPad and 18.00% for the iPhone – definitely the best day to go app hunting.

The Games category is the most popular for iOS in the UK, although only just under two fifths of the whopping 57,215 gaming apps are free. Here are the Top 5 app categories as identified by madvertise and App Zap:

For the iPhone:
• Games (15.9%)
• Books (11.81%)
• Entertainment (11.12%)
• Education (8.48%)
• Lifestyle (7.56%)

For the iPad it’s a similar story:
• Games (18.21%)
• Books (15.9%)
• Education (12.71%)
• Entertainment (8.31%)
• Lifestyle (7.19%)

The cheapest app category in the UK is Lifestyle, averaging at 50 pence for essentials on our phones like cookbook or setup wizard. If you want to sell your app for more the Health category is the way to go, where the average cost is about three pounds in the case of the iPhone and more than seven pounds for the iPad.

Berlin-headquartered startup madvertise was founded in 2008 by Carsten Frien, Pan Katsukis, Thomas Hille, Martin Karlsch and Team Europe. It currently employs a team of 50 with offices in Berlin, Hamburg, London, Barcelona, Madrid and Milan.