Have yourself a merry little christmas card. Song included.

Aren’t Christmas eCards lame? It’s not just me, right? The annual holiday greeting efforts from those in my family who think they have figured out the digital world by renouncing handwritten letters are not just cheesy, they usually get lost in my spam folder, too.

Turns out ThingLink has a nice little alternative to that. The image tagging startup introduced its Interactive Holiday Cards Maker today. It’s a free service you can use to create personal christmas cards.

Besides uploading a festive picture and scribbling ‘Merry Christmas’ on it, you’re free to record a greeting or song and embed it in the card, through a record feature by Soundcloud that ThingLink has added for the festive purpose.
If the kids aren’t too keen on singing Jingle Bells into their parents’ laptop, you can also embed a youtube video. Or any content from around the web, by adding the relevant link. Show some creativity!

This really can become a nice, personal and interactive greeting to friends and family, either for individuals or your entire contact list if you prefer to share the greeting card on Facebook or Twitter. At the very least, they’re fun to make. Here are some not-so-personal examples for you to check out: