iPhone 4S Beats Out Lumia 800 In Benchmark Testing (Video)

Have you been wondering which mobile browser is the fastest of late? It would be an understandable thing to pontificate, seeing that Android takes the cake when it comes to LTE support, iOS has the class-leading dual-core A5 chip on its side, and Windows Phone’s IE mobile browser is basically a beast. It’s a worthwhile question, to say the least.

Luckily MyNokiablog noticed a YouTube video uploaded by user 359gsm, in which the iPhone 4S, the Lumia 800, and an iPhone 4 (running iOS 4.3) are put through the ringer. The specific definition of ringer: Browsermark, Speed Reading, Sunspider, Acid3, and HTML5 tests.

Since the headline already spoiled the ending, I don’t feel bad mentioning that the iPhone 4S pretty much wiped the floor with the other two. It only makes sense if you take a look under the hood — the Lumia 800 features a single-core processor compared to the iPhone 4S’s dual-core A5 chip. In some instances, WP7’s IE mobile browser beat out Safari in iOS 4.3 (it’s very unclear why the user tested the iPhone 4 while it was running an older version of iOS).

As RedmondPie notes, real-world testing can be very different. In our review of the Windows Phone 7.5-powered Samsung Focus Flash, I found that it beat out my iPhone 4S a number of times.

(Note: It’s also still very unclear to us what this music about, or why it’s included in this video.)