Indie Platformer Super Meat Boy Jumps Past 1 Million Sales

As TechCrunch’s resident Super Meat Boy fanboy, I feel like it’s my duty to pass on the good news: Team Meat’s rage-tastic, “Just five more tries. Seriously. Maybe Six.”-inducing twitch platformer has officially cruised through its 1 millionth sale.

The official word comes from Team Meat’s twitter account, where they reveal that they passed the 1 million mark sometime last month (presumably thanks to a holiday spike and sales of Humble Indie Bundle 4):

I’m actually surprised it took this long. Given the quality of the game and the number of Meat Boy fans I’ve come across, I’d have assumed they were well past a million months ago. Either way, it’s always nice to see Indie developers find their smash hit (and it’s made all the more impressive by the fact that these guys have yet to go anywhere near iOS or any other mobile platform. They’ve got room to grow.)