Square Co-Founder Jim McKelvey Backs The LinkedIn For Athletes LockerDome

LockerDome, a social sports community, has raised $750,000 in funding. Jim McKelvey, co-founder of Square invested in the startup and is joining LockerDome’s Board of Directors.

LockerDome is a social networking site for sports and aims to help athletes create a sports persona and profile. LockerDome works with youth sports programs across the U.S. to launch private team and league networks and serves as a private social network where their athletes, coaches, and parents can create profiles, upload media, and gain national exposure.

LockerDome allows you to join sports networks for the teams you currently play on and have played for in the past. You can also follow professional athletes who are part of the LockerDome celebrity network. LockerDome has grown over 400% over the past 6 months and more than 400 of the top amateur sports teams and leagues have launched their own LockerDome networks.