Striiv Fitness Gadget Puts Personalized Challenges On The Menu

With the New Year already underway, I’m sure many of you are working hard to lose the holiday weight or are otherwise engaged in some hard-core New Years Resolution-style dieting. It’s that time of year, which is likely why Striiv is making a push to add new features.

Many of you may remember Striiv from our earlier coverage, in which we decided that the little pocket-sized pedometer is “fun, cute, and entertaining.” That’s because it basically turns your everyday work-out routine into a game. Along with tracking all of your various stats (steps taken, stairs climbed, etc.), it also lets you “donate” steps to certain charity organizations. There’s also a game called Myland, in which you can buy and plant trees in various territories from the gold you collected by walking.

Striiv has today added a few new features to keep things interesting, including personalized challenges. This isn’t something you’ll have to go in and mess with on your own — the Striiv will actually handle all of the logistics on its own. Challenges will be based on your individual performance, and will adapt according to your progress.

Users will also be able to track their minutes of activity alongside stats like steps, stairs, calories and distance. And even though John prefers that we don’t delve too far into this game, Myland has been given a new island, plants and fixtures which can only be unlocked through (you guessed it) physical activity.

The Striiv costs $99 and is available in stores now.