Aurasma Launches Augmented Reality 3D Engine At CES

Aurasma, a startup with a new kind of augmented reality visual browser, is part of the mobile apps showdown at CES, and I got a taste of their technology in the somewhat unlikely setting of the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, courtesy of the company’s Matt Mills. Luckily this proves no object as, presented with an image that’s been tagged with content, it can bring that image to life with a video or animation, as you’ll see.

At CES the company has launched its new 3D engine, which enables, for instance, a children’s pop-up book to come to life with animated 3D dinosaurs which move around and roar. While there are other apps doing a similar thing, such as Blippar, Aurasma is banking on its user-generated content features to allow it to proliferate more virally.