Exclusive: IEEE Forms Power Matters Alliance To Determine Wireless Power Standards

Standards are important to the tech world. Without them, we’d all be running around to the nearest AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon store to buy replacement chargers instead of borrowing our buddies’ microUSB chargers.

iPhone owners know exactly how much this sucks, and so does the IEEE which is now forming another standards association called the Power Matters Alliance.

“The wireless revolution of recent years has highlighted the need for a new approachto power,” said Ran Poliakine, CEO Powermat Technologies. “The only thing preventing us from enjoying the freedom of a truly wireless world is the power cord. Powermat Technologies is pleased to be collaborating with the IEEE to develop a new paradigm for power.”

Duracell president Stassi Anastassov chimed in mentioning that our smartphones are more power-hungry than ever, and that a charge that used to last us a whole week now only covers us for less than a day.

The newly formed group will focus on standards for the electronics industry as a whole to help make things as wireless and efficient as possible.