Ready For More On-The-Fly Fun? We’re Live At The Pre-CES Press Event, Pepcom

After a day full of press conferences and jamming around Vegas like we were running for our lives, we’re streaming live from the last pre-CES press gathering of the year: Pepcom.

I’m not sure how much longer we’ll be on the air (we’ve already been roaming for quite a while), but tune in for a quick sneak peek of everything new and noteworthy that all of the big guns brought out to the show.

(Not shown: the army of angry reporters ranting outside because the event staff is refusing to do latecomer registrations, and the lady accusing me of scalping my badge after one of the wandering clean-up staffers tossed it in the trash.)

Note: miss the live show? Don’t sweat it — we’ll put a recording of the broadcast up in this post shortly after recording has finished.