CES 2012: An Interview With Gary Shapiro, President of The CEA And A Really Nice Guy

Gary Shapiro, President of the Consumer Electronics Association

Every year we try our best to talk to Gary Shapiro, the man behind Consumer Electronic Show. He’s a guy who at least appears to genuinely wants to see big and small companies succeed. Last year we spoke about his book, The Comeback: How Innovation Will Restore the American Dream, that calls America to action. But this year, with Microsoft leaving CES and the show seemingly shrinking, we had a bit more to talk about.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Shapiro states loud and clear Microsoft isn’t leaving CES en mass like the Internet would have everyone to believe. They will keynote another CES, he said. But for the short term, it’s better for CES, the attendees and also Microsoft if the Ballmer steps down from the podium for a bit.

Well, you know, you can watch the video above and see for yourself. If nothing else, watch as I flub my way through the first part of the interview. Of course I know about Parrot and their awesome A.R. Drone.