Eyes On: The Gaems Inc. G155 Portable XBOX Rig

The folks from Gaems Inc. tackle a pretty interesting problem — what’s a gamer to do when they need to get their fix away from home? Their answer is the G155, a self-contained home gaming environment meant for use on the go.

At first glance, it’s essentially a giant briefcase that provides portable protection for the Xbox 360 (both old and new variants) and the PS3 Slim. Ah, but there’s a twist — it contains its own LED-LCD screen for all those on-the-go frag fests. It also sports dual audio jacks for when playing your Little Big Planet by yourself gets too depressing.

It’s pretty much exactly what I always wanted a child when forced to go on (what seemed like) inordinately long vacation — a robust way to lug around all of my miscellaneous games while my parents went around looking at antiquities and historically important landmarks.

The G155 can be had on Amazon and in Microsoft stores for $499 with a 250GB Xbox 360 in the bundle, and it runs between $269 and $299 if you want to provide your own system.