Hands On With Zomm’s Lifestyle Connect: For If You’ve Fallen And You Can’t Get Up

Zomm’s latest creation is called Lifestyle Connect, a small Bluetooth device that acts, in short, as an emergency alert system for folks who might have some health issues and live alone. If you fall or injure yourself in the home, the Lifestyle Connect will signal your phone to call the proper authorities as well as your friends and family. The system locates you – whether you’re at home or outside – and handles everything with voice control.

The device costs $199.99 and comes with a sort of personal emergency concierge service that will help you while you’re down. It’s surprisingly small and light and the battery lasts two straight weeks on one charge.

It’s less expensive than competitors and, more important, it works with the cellphone you have so it can be used everywhere. Check the video above for a video hands-on.

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