MadCatz Demos Two Crazy Game Controllers: The FightStick V.S. And The Pro Circuit

Fighting game fanatics (I know at least a few of your a reading) will love this one. Developed for use with the forthcoming Street Fighter X Tekken game, the FightStick V.S. is sure to grace tournaments and basements in due time.

What’s more, if you want to go for a more accurate arcade experience, pick up a connector kit (a metal plate that costs $20) to daisy chain two of these $199 bad boys together.

The game is due to hit consoles in March of 2012, and while he couldn’t offer specifics, Mad Catz’s Alex Verrey said the fight stick would be ready by then.

Next up is the “Rolls Royce of controllers,” the MLG Pro Circuit XBOX 360 controller. It’s been designed and manufactured with the blessing of Major League Gaming, and has probably been rigorously tested by hordes of picky nerds. It also allows players to swap magnetic faceplates and button modules, which means Xbox players can (gasp!) use a layout more akin to the Playstation controller.