A Few New Bag Designs From Golla

I spent a good portion of my adult career as a graphic designer. I still look at the world through that lens, so I am always happy to stumble across some beautiful designs, no matter where they might be.

Stumble I did, into the Golla booth at the Mobile World Congress today (2 hours of sleep and about 300 calories of food in the last 36 hours) to find a pretty killer lineup of beautifully designed bags for all your gadgets.

Based in Finland, Golla’s mission is to create “fashionable bags for portable electronics by blending creative influences of fashion, lifestyle and technology.” They do a pretty nice job.

This array of gadget bags looks to be functional and casual and should suit the needs of most gadget carrying geeks. The designs also make a statement without being over the top. Look for these new styles to be available in the coming months (I believe the woman there told me April, but I was pre-coffee, so…you know, don’t hold me to that).