Dropbox Who? Apple Demonstrates The Simplicity Of iCloud In Latest Ad Spot

iCloud just works. That’s the message of Apple’s latest commercial titled iCloud Harmony. The service took off like a rocket when it first launched late last year. Partly fueled by the massive success of the iPhone 4S, Apple claims to have more than 85 million users on the service. But as awesome as iCloud is now, it’s set to get even better and this commercial is likely just the first of a larger advertisement campaign.

The genius of iCloud is that once it’s setup, the service runs with virtually zero user interaction. But the current incarnation is still pretty limited. What Apple shows in the video above is pretty much all it can do. However, with Mountain Lion, iCloud is set to become a robust cloud service with a feature set rivaling that of even Dropbox. For better or worse, it’s going to be deeply baked into OS X and able to sync most anything between a user’s Apple devices. Mountain Lion is still months away from its release but Apple needs to start getting people excited about iCloud now.