Keen On… Audience: Why Fans Are The Real Future Of The Music Business (TCTV)

The most profound of all the digital disruptions that have occurred over the last 20 years has been the breach in trust between the creative artist and audience. It’s this disruption that decimated the traditional recorded music industry; and it’s only by curing this distrust that the music industry can rebuild itself.

Today, I’m interviewing Cary Sherman, the CEO of the RIAA, about the future of music industry and this two-part interview will run tomorrow and Wednesday. But before I broadcasted my conversation with Sherman, I wanted to run my last two interviews from SFMusicTech. Both of these interviews – with the co-founder of Moontoast, Marcus Whitney and with the Chief Marketing Officer of David Hazan – deal with the dramatic changes in the relationship between artist and audience. Moontoast and are both similarly small sized, early stage start-ups and both are offering promising digital solutions to rebuilding the once fractured relationship between musical artists and musical fans.

When I asked Marcus Whitney why his company was named Moontoast, he explained that the founders realized that they were either going to go to the moon or become toast. The same can be said for the many other innovative start-ups that are now rebuilding the music business. I’ve been in the digital music business since the mid-nineties, and I’ve never been more optimistic about the innovation going on in the industry now. Rather than becoming toast, I suspect that today’s digital music business, by reinventing the relationship between artist and fan, now really is on its way to the moon.