Millennial Media Aims For Smaller Advertisers with Self-Service Launch

Mobile ad network Millennial Media says that it’s now making its self-service advertising product mMedia available to the general public.

The company filed for an IPO last month with documents stating that it reached 200 million unique users in December 2011, and that it was nearly profitable (losing $417,000) in the first nine months of the year. Adding a self-serve option should expand its usage among smaller advertisers without having to significantly grow its sales team. (Update: Actually there’s a new filing reporting revenue of $104 million and a net loss of $287,000 for last year.)

Millennial says it started testing mMedia in January. The company’s announcement says mMedia provides “a comprehensive dashboard” where advertisers can control their bids, targeting, and creative. It also highlights a “hyper-local targeting feature,” where advertisers can draw a virtual fence around their desired area, and only deliver ads to users in that area.

The ad network already offered a self-service option for smaller app developers, called mmDev. Millennial says the new mMedia ads will be available to developers through the same portal.