Enterprise Identity Management Platform ForgeRock Raises $7 Million From Accel

ForgeRock, the open source vendor behind the I³ Open Identity middleware platform, has raised $7 million in Series A funding from Accel Partners.

ForgeRock offers one unified platform approach to solve enterprise companies’ secure Identity management challenges. The I³ Open Platform allows customers to manage Authentication, Access Management, User Entitlements, Federation, Identity lifecycle management, provisioning and more. This can be implemented in-house, or in a private or public cloud infrastructure.

I³ products currently include: OpenAM (Access Manager) for Authentication, SSO, and Cloud-enabled Federation; OpenIDM (Identity Manager), which is a scalable identity lifecycle management and provisioning solution; and OpenDJ (Directory Java, a next gen identity repository.

Accel partner Bruce Golden explains of the firm’s investment and interest in ForgeRock: Accel seeks to invest in businesses that have the potential to become category leaders in fast growing new markets, or show potential for large-scale disruption in existing markets. Identity management is a crucial business and technology issue for businesses of all sizes, and we believe that ForgeRock is well positioned to become a leader in this market.

ForgeRock enables Identity management for a number of well-known customers including Thomson Reuters, BSkyB, News International, Nokia Siemens Networks, Betfair, AOL, Toyota, Lexmark, Wirecard, Aberdeen Asset Management, OTE, Allianz, Lloyds International, VPS, Capgemini, NSB, Xerox, Vodafone, Nomura, and BNP Paribas.