HTC Fans Aren’t The Only Ones With Beats Audio

HTC has been making a big push with their Beats Audio integration. It first appeared on the HTC Rezound, and has since been present on all of HTC’s new devices, including the freshly announced One series.

But as you likely already know, it has nothing to do with hardware — it’s simply an advanced audio equalizer. That said, XDA forum member fuss132 has found a way to port the Beats equalizer onto all Gingerbread devices.

Beats Audio had already been ported to a Photon 4G by one RockoDev, another XDA forum member and hacker. While it won’t make you feel like you’re at a dance party, Beats Audio truly does make music sound more natural and clear. Equalization in general refers to the removal of unwanted noises, while making the good stuff (voices, highs, lows and mids) more prominent and natural.

Just check out the difference Beats made on this Galaxy SL:

It’s also worth wondering how HTC might feel about this. Beats Audio is a feature the company has been pushing, and they likely paid a great deal for the partnership. The fact that any device running Gingerbread now has access to it probably doesn’t sit too well with them.

Here’s the original thread with the recovery-flashable