RadiumOne Debuts Via.Me, A Mobile, Social Content Sharing Application

RadiumOne, an online ad network that aims to combine social and intent data to serve ads, is launching a new consumer-focused application today, Via.Me. Basically, the iOS app allows you to capture, filter, and share pictures, images, videos, audio and other content across multiple social networks.

At launch, Via.me’s app is fairly simple. The app features 17 photo filters (similar to an Instagram experience), so that users can create and share images from the app on Facebook and Twitter at the same time. Brands and publishers are also using Via.Me as a means to create, share and publish content. The app was developed by the Focal Labs team, which RadiumOne acquired last year.

But Via.Me is more than just a consumer focused content sharing app. Founder Gurbaksh Chahal says that Via.Me is a key part of RadiumOne’s first party data product suite. For background, RadiumOne mines social data and uses this information to identify relevant consumers for brands. Through what Chahal calls “social retargeting,” RadiumOne analyzes how users interact with one another on social networks to find the consumers that identify with a brand’s current customer base, and then serves advertisements to this audience across the company’s network of publishers.

Via.Me’s user data will be used to serve more targeted advertisements says, Chahal (of course, this is an opt-in experience for consumers). He explains that data from the consumer app is given to brands to serve more targeted display advertising.

RadiumOne also recently launched PingMe, a group messaging app.