App Analytics Startup Kontagent Grew 500 Percent Last Year

Kontagent, a startup offering analytics for Facebook, mobile, and Web apps, says that its annual revenue grew 500 percent in 2011, to “just under $10 million.”

The company’s kSuite tools allow developers to track virality, engagement, retention, and revenue. The company signed up 100 new enterprise customers last year, including its first mobile clients. The current customer base includes Peak Games, Gaia Online, and Popcap. (In addition to game companies, Kontagent says it has large clients in e-commerce, but it isn’t naming them.)

Asked what’s coming next, CMO Dan Kimball says the company wants to build a “deeper” product this year, one that offers “the benefits that are typically associated with expensive, home-built [business intelligence] tools” in an inexpensive way.

Kontagent was founded in 2007. Last year, it raised $12 million from Battery Ventures, Maverick Capital, and Altos Ventures.