SmartSync Releases New Version Of The App That Turns You Into A God

SmartSync, which has been doing good business on the iPhone app store [itunes link], has released an updated version that is a big improvement on the original app, which has become popular because it makes you sound like some sort of omnipresent god. No, I got that wrong. Let’s try that again. It’s like having a CRM for your friends. When someone calls you, SmartSync displays their latest Facebook statuses or photos against the call. Say they said they were tired. When they call you you say “Wow, sorry to hear you’re feeling tired!” even before they’ve said hello. See, suddenly you’re all-knowing.

The app syncs birthday reminders, status updates, profile pictures and check-ins. SmartSync also sync with contacts, even if you aren’t friends on Facebook. If both people calling each other have SmartSync installed, you get their Facebook profile photo and whatever else they’ve recently published.

The startup is now looking to incorporate more social networks such as LinkedIn and other notifications when contacts change. As a result it’s getting high rankings in the iPhone app store as a paid-for app.

Bringing social syncing to your contact books makes sense – suddenly your old contact address books looks a bit flat without this facility. Just don’t say the word Plaxo…

The Facebook iOS app’s built-in contact syncing feature isn’t that great and often can’t distinguish between a name on Facebook and the contact you have in your phone. SmartSync claims it is much better at this, matching contacts using factors beyond just a person’s name and achieving a higher hit rate in syncing.

Founders Ken Vinner and Shlomo Unger have angel backing for the app. Here are the guys demoing it for me at Mobile World Congress.