Social Networks, How Do They Work? JuggaloBook Brings The Clowns To Town

True social networks bring multiple birds of a feather together across vast expanses of time and space. Look at Facebook – it’s mostly for finding bullies you went to grade school with, allowing you to gloat over their misfortune. Now there’s another, decidedly more positive social network: JuggaloBook, a social network for those down with the clown.

The site is fully-featured with video chat systems, announcement walls, and friending capabilities. It is based on phpfox, an open social network project, with a few unique additions. It is up and working – albeit a bit slowly.

JuggaloBook is pretty much what social networks were originally supposed to be. It’s open, it’s vibrant (at least for now) and its users genuinely like (or “Whoop Whoop”) each other. Arguably it’s a little goofy, but it’s a lot of fun and it’s interesting to see how this group has essentially taken a few off-the-shelf tools and created a new online hangout in a few months.

It appears the site has been around for a while but it really gained traction last month and the admins have been improving the speed and performance over the past few days.

Say what you want about the music and/or the posturing but you have to admit that the ICP are a force for good in many people’s lives and, as evidenced by documentaries like American Juggalo, the community is strong and vibrant. In the end, it helps bring together folks who may be overlooked or avoided at home or school and that, in truth, is what most social networks strive to do but can’t.