Moolah Media Announces Mobile Display Network To Take On “Blind” Competitors

Moolah Media may be focused on performance-based mobile ads, but it isn’t ignoring the display advertising side of things — today it’s announcing a display network of its own.

CEO Shawn Scheuer says a display network has always been on the company’s road map. By opening up more inventory, this is another way to serve Moolah’s existing advertisers. Before this, he says the company wasn’t able to meet the existing demand.

Moolah has said it’s bringing in advertisers whose needs aren’t being addressed by most other mobile networks. Instead of paying publishers by the impression or click, Moolah charges based on the metrics that matter to direct-response marketers, such as form submissions and phone calls.

In January, the company said it helped 50 advertisers launch their first mobile campaign. Scheuer’s hope is that these advertisers will now skip the big ad networks entirely and come directly to Moolah with their display needs.

For its display network, Moolah is making a big deal about its transparency. The company says its real-time bidding platform allows advertisers to specify which sites its ads can and can’t be shown on. There are “some small networks” that provide similar transparency, Scheuer says, but they’re focused on brand advertisers.

“CPC networks like AdMob, JumpTap, InMobi, etc., are completely blind and do not reveal where ads are shown,” he says.