TweetAngel Is Twitter CRM Insurance For Small Businesses

I often wonder what it’s like to be a customer service representative on Twitter. Lots of companies have them, especially the ones we cover here on TechCrunch which happen to be a bit more tech-savvy than your good ol’ brick-and-mortar small businesses, but it seems like a pretty rough gig. People become shockingly more bold, and angry, via Twitter and it takes a full-time worker to field all complaints and questions that flow in.

Luckily, TweetAngel is here to fix that problem. It’s a Twitter monitoring service that helps small businesses, particularly brick-and-mortar shops, better navigate the overwhelming world of Twitter. Here’s how it works:

Whenever a Tweeter posts something negative about a business covered by TweetAngel, a TweetAngel representative calls up the business owner. Yep, a real phone call. Then, depending on which TweetAngel plan the business has chosen, the business owner can respond to the Tweet directly or dictate a response to a TweetAngel rep, who will then respond to the disgruntled tweet using the business’s Twitter account.

Obviously there are plenty of different social CRM offerings out on the market, but TweetAngel aims to serve those who don’t have the skills, time, or resources to monitor a social media account. That said, getting set up on TweetAngel is pretty straight forward.

Simply sign-up here, and you’re ready to go. Pricing is as follows: Basic service (monitoring without response) costs $19.95 per month. Complete service (monitoring and responses) costs $29.95 per month. An introductory Complete package is just $9.99 per month.

Disclosure: Roi Carthy, a TechCrunch Contributor for the past 4 years, is an investor in TweetAngel via Initial Capital, where he’s a Managing Partner.