Gillmor Gang: TV or Not TV

The Gillmor Gang — Robert Scoble, John Taschek, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor — pretended to care about Hipswitch, er HighLight while unwrapping Christmas in March’s iPad Next. After a somber opening in remembrance of @kevinmarks’ father John Marks and Firesign Theatre co-founder Peter Bergman, the Gang got down to brass pixels, the new breed of designer stalker software, and just what Tim Cook has up his sleeve for Christmas in December.

I’m still not convinced of the value of having alarms go off when @scobleizer is within 100 yards of 5,000 of his closest friends, but his argument about Twitter in the early days rings true. What’s a sure thing is how fast we’ll use up iPad 4G’s bandwidth allotment each month. Unlike Facetime, Skype can use all the LTE it can eat, and as a personal hotspot to boot on the Verizon version. WIth hotel WiFi costing 10-15 bucks per device, $80 bucks a month for 10 gigs starts to look like a businessman’s special.

@stevegillmor, @scobleizer, @kevinmarks, @jtaschek

Produced and directed by Tina Chase Gillmor @tinagillmor