Ad Tech Startup Integrate Raises $11M, With Backing From Comcast

Integrate, a startup that helps advertisers integrate (yes, I said it) their different ad channels and products, has raised an $11 million Series B round of funding.

Co-founder Jeremy Bloom says the current ad landscape is “incredibly fragmented,” with “a ton of point solutions.” So Integrate offers one tool where advertisers can track and manage all of their campaigns. The company claims that its data is real-time, meaning that advertisers can adjust how they spend their money on-the-fly, based on how a campaign is doing.

Integrate works with both online and offline advertising. On the online side, it looks at mobile, display, email, social, and digital video. On the offline side, there’s telemarketing, TV, print, radio, outdoor, and billboards. For example, businesses could run radio ads through Integrate that include a custom phone number to call, making it possible to track which campaigns are paying off.

The company now works with 1,500 advertisers, including Microsoft and Yahoo, Bloom says. His big goal is to introduce ever-more automation into the process, so that real-time campaign decisions are being made by “algorithms, not humans.”

The round came from Comcast Ventures, Liberty Group, and previous investor Foundry Group.