Motorola Aims For The Green With MOTOACTV Golf Edition

Do you know who Bubba Watson is? I sure don’t, but the internet tells me he’s a three-time PGA Tour winner — that’s right folks, he’s an expert at putting balls into cups.

As it turns out, Motorola Mobility thinks so highly of his skill that they’ve “teamed up” with him for a special golf-geared version of their MOTOACTV fitness gadget.


“The new Golf Edition of MOTOACTV has features that allows players to make better decisions on the course,” said Watson. Apparently, that includes the ability to track your distance from the green and nearby hazards, keep tabs on scores and stats, and sync your golf records for future perusal and analysis on the MOTOACTV website. Of course, all of the device’s usual fitness tracking features are still present and accounted for.

I was more hoping for something to tell people exactly where and how hard to hit the ball — having never played golf before, I’d appreciate that sort of unfair advantage if/when I ever hit the links.

I’ll admit that at first, this seemed like a very strange move on Motorola’s part. The MOTOACTV is a pretty niche device on its own, but to load it up with some very specific golf features (without even draping it in plaid) seemed to take it to another level entirely. That’s when it sunk in — golf junk can be really, really expensive. At $299 (same price as the golf-free variant), Motorola’s sporty little doodad may find its legs among pricey drivers and country club fees.