Edocr Integrates With Zendesk To Allow Embedded Documents

It’s been a few years since edocr appeared on the scene to allow people to share, edit and organise documents, not unlike Slideshare. To be honest I thought they’d disappeared but it turns out they are out of the startup ‘trough of despondency’ and getting somewhere. Founder CEO Manoj Ranaweera tells me they now have over 26,000 users and are growing at 33% monthly. They’ve also now integrated with customer service giant Zendesk.

Using edocr with Zendesk means you can now embed documents into your Zendesk forums or in tickets with a drag and drop interface without having to update links to a document or having outdated information presented customers.

Todd Revolt, Director, Business Development of Zendesk says, the integration with edocr.com makes adding customer service documents to forums much easier. Seems like there’s life in edocr yet.