Mobile App Directory Appolicious Debuts Advertising Platform

Social mobile app directory Appolicious is getting into the advertising game today, launching a bidded keyword engine for its app directory, and those the startup powers for Best Buy or Samsung.

As you may know, Appolicious offers mobile and web app directories where users can search for apps that are organized into more than 1,200 categories, such as “Preschool Early Reading” and “Travel Destinations.” Search also features auto complete and uses Appolicious’ algorithmic app search based on social, user-generated and editorial signals. The company has made a business out of licensing its app directory to retailers and manufacturers, including Best Buy and Samsung.

Similar to Google AdWord, now advertisers can bid on keywords to serve ads next to search results for apps on Appolicious. So a keyword such as Music which would match an ad against a search for music on Appolicious or on a partner site or app directory. The ad would also match if a user clicks on the music category, says the company.

As founder Alan Warms explains, the company’s approach is to target consumers when they are looking for specific apps. And the company’s distribution partnerships help expand reach for advertisers beyond the search portal.