Open PaaS DotCloud Adds Support For WebSockets, Vertical Scaling And More

Second generation platform as a service DotCloud has added support for WebSockets, MongoDB 2.0 and vertical scaling in an effort to provide full stack development resources for users.

For background, DotCloud’s platform lets developers build and deploy their applications rapidly by allowing them to customize components and supporting multiple languages and tools. The PaaS supports developers using any combination of language and database without the need for additional hardware or software.

As co-founder Solomon Hykes tell us, this update is about continuing to support application development from front to back, the support for new technologies speaks to the impact of HTML5 and the rise of the FullStack Developer. He maintains that DotCloud is the only PaaS to provide native support for multiple databases and languages, WebSockets, and both vertical and horizontal scaling in a single platform.

All DotCloud applications can now leverage Websockets for real-time, bi-directional communication between the browser and the backend, and use an updated database MongoDB 2.0. In particular, Hykes says that the addition of WebSockets, which is part of the HTML5 standard, will allow for web apps to feel like native apps.

Developers can also choose between increasing concurrency in applications (horizontal), or larger memory allocation (vertical), or both. As Hykes explains, vertical scaling works best with databases and NodeJS.

DotCloud has raised $10 million from Benchmark Capital, Trinity Ventures, SV Angel and others.