Jumala Aims To Be An Unboring Minecraft

While I seriously doubt the staying power of this game platform, the concept is pretty cool. Called Jumala, this free-to-play online game allows players to stop the action mid-game and flip things around and change the entire level. Level too scary? You can add flying hot dogs and flowers. Too boring? Add demonic death heads.

The game is all about level design. You earn points by creating games and environments a la Little Big Planet and you can earn currency to buy various pieces of content and interactive items. Each level you create is shared via Facebook with other players and you can change items mid-game, just to mess with people.

The game is still in beta but looks fairly solid. I might be fun for a few hours of level design and or addictive. The mix of World of Warcraft graphics and Minecraft game dynamics could make it a winner.

It sadly only works on Windows right now, but a Mac version is forthcoming.

Project Page