Time Warner Cable Customers Now Get HBO Go On Xbox, Roku & Samsung TVs

Time Warner Cable is on a roll with this whole TV Everywhere thing. Just a day after adding Viacom channels to its live streaming iPad app, the cable provider has announced support for HBO Go on the Xbox, Roku streaming boxes, and Samsung connected TVs.

It’s been a long time coming: Time Warner Cable was one of the last holdouts to even hook up with HBO Go, the on-demand video service which gives subscribers access to every piece of HBO original programming ever… But it’s catching up fast.

By supporting HBO Go on game consoles and connected TVs, Time Warner Cable joins the likes of Verizon, AT&T, and Dish Network in offering access to the service. And it even comes out ahead of some providers, like Comcast, which still doesn’t authenticate with HBO Go on Roku.

For Time Warner Cable’s HBO subscribers, that’s great news, as they’re no longer tied to watching HBO shows as they air on Sunday night, or reliant on crappy cable VOD services to get access on demand. For everyone else who loves HBO but doesn’t want to pay $100 for cable, though, they’re stuck waiting and hoping that maybe, some day, HBO Go will be available a la carte.