Apple Quietly Releases The Rear-Covering iPad Smart Case

As it turns out, not every new addition to Apple’s product lineup got a mention on-stage at the Moscone Center today. The Apple Store website is slowly coming back to life, and with it comes a new Smart Case for their latest iPad.

The biggest difference, of course, is that the Smart Cover now covers the iPad’s vulnerable rear end. While the magnet-laden front flap remains largely the same, the iPad’s back is now covered in a thin sheet of polyurethane — it’s apparently thin enough to keep the entire package from feeling too bulky, but thick enough to handle being laser engraved should you go that route.

The more chromatically-conscious among you will be glad to know that the Smart Case comes in six colors (light and dark gray, blue, green, pink, and red specifically). Oh, and if you haven’t yet upgraded to the Retina Display-packing new iPad yet, you’ll also be able to throw an iPad 2 into a Smart Case without too much trouble.

The Smart Case is available in the Apple Store now for $49.99 — don’t forget your free engraving before you check out though, otherwise no one will know whose snazzy iPad is whose anymore.