Webcam System Models Your Movements And Emotions On A Lifelike Avatar

A new system created at Keio University will help add lifelike motion capture and emotion-sensing to apps, games, and design programs by scanning your face and body for cues. The system works on any PC and can recreate all of your facial expressions on a life-like human avatar. The test model lets the team turn a sullen grad student into a cute girl with long pigtails.

“We’re using an algorithm that gets updated in line with the motion of the face. So it can track the face very fast, with very high precision. That’s the basic technology for this avatar system.”

The system lets the average user create lifelike motion captures of faces and upper bodies, adding a bit of realism and ease to a process that usually required special motion capture suits and lots of post-processing.

The project is led by Associate Professor Yasue Mitsukura and is still in experimental stages.

via Akihabara