YuMe Adds A QuickStart Edition To Its ACE For Publishers Video Ad Optimization Platform

Video ad startup YuMe is working to make it easier for pretty much anyone to monetize their video content, without needing to know a whole hell of a lot about ad rates, inventory, clicks, impressions, and the like. That’s because the latest update to its ACE for Publishers (AFP) platform — version 4.0 — includes a QuickStart Edition that includes everything one needs to run ads against their video player, without all the messy tools required by more sophisticated video publishers.

YuMe’s ad optimization platform is designed to maximize fill rates and respond to changes in impression supply with a proprietary yield optimization algorithm. All of which is to say that YuMe attempts to ensure that publishers are making the most money possible by automatically switching between ad networks.

To simply the QuickStart edition of the AFP platform, YuMe analyzed how Pro customers used the product and determined which parts were most necessary to customize. It then created an AFP QuickStart workflow that minimizes the amount of expertise that is necessary to get set up and running on the platform. At the same time, the platform provides all the same measurement capabilities, including clicks, impressions, viewthrough rates, response rates, pacing, and estimated revenue.

AFP QuickStart is one of three options available to YuMe users. In addition, the startup has an AFP Pro offering that provides more robust ad inventory and revenue generation tools, including the ability to manage monetization across syndication networks and the ability to create custom sales packages. And AFP for Service Providers is designed for OEMS and CE manufacturers to build their own video ad services.

The latest release of the AFP platform comes not long after YuMe raised an additional $10 million to close out a $22 million strategic investment round from Samsung, Translink Capital and WestSummit Capital. Altogether, it’s raised about $75 million since being founded in 2007.