Google’s Larry Page Might Have Lost His Voice, But He’s Still Running The Company

So the news on Google CEO Larry Page is that there’s no new news. That’s what Nikesh Arora said on today’s Google’s earnings call.

Just to recap: Last month, Google announced that Larry Page was skipping its I/O developer conference and the company’s annual shareholder meeting because he had lost his voice at some point over the previous weeks. But whatever ailment caused that loss of voice over the last few weeks continue to ails him, as Page left the call to lieutenants Patrick Pichette, Nikesh Arora, and Susan Wojcicki.

So here’s the official update:

“There’s no new news on Larry,” Arora said. “He’s lost his voice and he can’t do any speaking engagements, including this call.” But Arora said that Larry is still running the company on a day-to-day basis, despite his inability to speak.